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About us

The name Touch Design has been synonymous with quality, competent consultancy, innovation and flexibility in input and output systems since 2003. Touch Design supplies the following high-grade products:

  • Touchscreen solutions
  • Membrane keyboards
  • Front panels (touchscreen with inbuilt membrane keyboard, display, controller board, etc.)
  • Back-lighting system EL film, optical fibre waveguides
  • Keyboards made from silicon
  • Flexible circuit boards
  • Circuit boards
  • Displays
Touch Design develops your products and finds the optimal price-performance ratio.

We look forward to hearing about your new idea!


Touch Design fertigt neben kundenspezifischen Touch Screens mit Low Reflection, Circular Polfilter und Linear Polfilter auch Panels nach amerikanischen und japanischen Spezifikationen,
die in 4 wire, 5 wire und 8 wire Technologien umgesetzt werden.


Wir produzieren Film Glass Touch Screens in 4 wire, 5 wire und 8 wire Technologien.